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Here are some frequent questions answered. If you don't see it here, email me at

Is my wedding date available?


It is best to book your event as soon as you have a date.  A $50 non refundable deposit is required for wedding bookins and is applied towards your final payment.  Once this is received, you can put together a list of flavors you would like to sample for a complimentary sampling.


Deposit can be mailed or paid for online or via phone.


**For reputation and liability reasons; I will not be able to provide cake, cookies, or cupcakes if any/part of these services are provided by another person/company.



How far in advance do you need final quantities/flavors?


Please finalize your order at least 2 weeks prior to the event.


Do you offer discounts for large events?


Yes! You will receive a 5% discount when 3+ dozen of the same flavor are ordered.


Do you do cakes?


Yes! Any cupcake flavor can be made into a cake as well as a variety of fillings may be added for extra deliciousness!


What are your most popular wedding flavors?


I encourage wedding parties to stick to 3-5 flavors, rather than choosing small quantities of multiple flavors.! Keep in mind many people like to try more than one flavor and this can account for higher numbers needed.  Wedding Cake (plain or raspberry filled), Red Velvet, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Better Than Anything are some of the more popular but everyone is different!

What flavors can I choose from?


Depending on the length of notice for ordering you may choose from a variety of flavors.  Each day 6 flavors are offered and are based off of orders.  The sooner you order the better chance of picking all the flavors you would like!


Do you rent cupcake stands?


Yes! A variety of sizes and shapes are available to rent.


Stand rental ranges from $25-50 depending on how many and how large the event is.


Can you deliver large event orders?


There is free local delivery and setup but is also available several hours away. Delivery charges vary dependiing on location.



If we pick up our cupcakes, do we need to know anything?


Your cupcakes will be boxed 1-5 dozen per box. If you order 400 cupcakes, that could mean upwards of 15 large cupcake boxes! Be sure you have the vehicle space for them, stacked no more than 4 boxes high. Generally this just means the back of an SUV with the seats folded down. If you've booked a Friday event, we will have them ready on Friday morning. If you've booked a Saturday event, I will have them ready on Saturday morning. For out of town events, I recommend picking up your cupcakes on Friday.


How much are your cupcakes?


Minis range $9-10/dozen

Full size range $18-20/dozen


**Additional cost for gluten free



How long can I store cupcakes?


Cupcakes are best enjoyed the day they are purchased but may maintain freshness for several days in our sealed container. 


Some customers prefer to order larger amounts of cupcakes and freeze so they can enjoy as they please!





While everything is cleaned and sanitized daily, cupcakes (including buttercreams) may come into contact with eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, and/or nuts (including peanut butter and oils).


Do you offer gluten-free cupcakes?


Gluten free options are available. While gluten free cupcakes are prepared in a separate area, they are not prepared in total gluten free environment.


Do you deliver?


You bet, delivery fees may apply


How much notice do you need for an order?


For small orders, typically a 24 hour notice is sufficient but the more notice the better as some dates do book up completley or if you have certain flavors you'd like, the more notice the better.


How do I place an order?


Orders can be placed by calling 563-608-0080, email, Facebook www.facebook/AuntEmmys or by filling out a message on my websites contact page.


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