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A Dream Made Reality.....
January of 2017 a longtime dream was turned into reality.  With the cupcake and cookie buisness continuing to bloom, we need a new location.  
What better location than to pair with a longtime beautiful coffee shop; Coffee Den!
Our vision is to merge two established buisnesses into one, Aunt Emmy's is now turned into a Bakery, Coffee House & Cupcake shop!
We offer hand crafted coffee drinks, breakfast and lunch menu including a variety of handmade soups, salads & sandwiches as well as gourmet desserts!


Emily Kelchen
My love for baking began at a very young age when I used to help my mom in the kitchen.  It seemed like every weekend we would make a different recipe and I enjoyed that bonding time (as well as making a mess and the finished project!)
My love for cupcakes didnt begin until much later....2013 to be exact.  My husband and I were planning our wedding reception and I wanted to have gourmet cupcakes.  I began playing around with recipes.  As I was having my family be the taste testers, they all loved them and thats where the idea to start Aunt Emmy's came from!
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